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About Reiki

Everyone can use and learn Reiki


Reiki is pronounced (Ray-Key). It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes relaxation & healing. It clears the chakras by breaking up disruptions and blockages that can be carried for many years. This can cause a stagnating energy flow which can turn to illness. It also can heal the aura where sickness can begin if not healed.

What Reiki is:


  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Energy that only does good
  • Healing energy including self-healing
  • Positive life energy
  • Practiced  & accepted with free will
  • Always done for the greatest good of all involved

What Reiki is not:


  • A replacement for medical care from a qualified physician
  • Never a diagnosis or pharmaceutical prescription 
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Something capable of negative or ill-will
  • A religion
  • Not always something you can see 
  • Unattainable

Reiki means: Rei = "Spiritual Wisdom" Ki = "Life Energy"

Reiki for Everyone


Reiki healing energy quiets and heals the body, mind and soul. It brings peace to those that experience it. Wouldn't it be lovely to try it without leaving your own home? This can be done as  "Distance Reiki" or also known as  "Distance Healing"  or can be done with light hand touches in person. Either way results in chakra, auric, physical, mental or spiritual healing with Reiki energy and is a divine healing vibration that is the birthright of everyone. This connection is produced by a series of attunements given to a  Reiki Level I, II or Master practitioner after much study and practice . The healing energy is a gift that comes from the divine source through the attuned practitioner who is used only as a conduit of this gift of white healing  energy. Reiki practitioners are not direct healers, the blessed energy is directed by the divine source. All life force energy can use this force including  plants, animals, Mother Earth and most especially humans of any age.

How Reiki Can Help You


Reiki healing energy can help individuals with: 

  • personal development 
  • weight loss
  • addictions
  • before, during & after chemo
  • finding lost objects 
  • before & after surgery
  • helping to heal past wounds
  • clearing energy blockages
  • cleaning and aligning chakras
  • use for letting go of those that are ready to pass or have passed on
  • easier passage and less anxiety during the death process
  • depression relief
  • blessing your food making it more nutritious
  • personal protection 
  • many other ways just use your imagination!

Reiki Master Practitioner Diane


I have come to embrace my Reiki journey because of a need to self-heal.  After 36 years of working full time in the world of manufacturing, specifically quality sciences and food safety, I could no longer function due to a variety of autoimmune health issues. These diseases are not limited to RA/PsA, Fibromyalgia and Degenerative spine just to name a few.  I could no longer  handle an 8 to 10 hour standard work day.  Within one week of being introduced to the word & concept of Reiki, the universe gave me a not so gentle push of three different routes moving me in that direction.  I have learned that Reiki is a wonderful modality for self-healing and aiding in healing the planet by playing a part in spreading positive vibrations across the world.

More About Distance or Remote Healing


Distance Reiki is a technique I use to reach clients I would never have access to otherwise. Lets think about this for a second. We are all energy and energy travels in waves of vibration, agree so far? Good! We use vibration waves every day connecting on apps & talking on our smartphones. Waves of energy are sent & received and this is how Distance Reiki works too.


Reiki energy guides me in creating the healing experience that is exactly right for each client. All I need and have is a desire that is both strong and dedicated to heal people. Remember, the practitioner does not do the  actual healing and is only the conduit to facilitate the divine energy connects with the client. 


Once you contact me through this site and I have received your completed documents available as downloads below, I will work with you to set a specific intention and we will go through the same steps as if you were sharing the room with me. The session can be Reiki performed with or without crystals, it's your choice. I urge you to read more below on the use of crystals as that increases the energy of the session. The use of a crystal grid is another very good option. 

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About Reiki Master Practitioner Diane

Reiki Affiliation

Lifetime Membership



  •  Files for new customers are the client case history & consent form.
  • Healing is a meditation I hope you enjoy.
  • File 20190123 is a World Peace crystal grid that you can download and print then add your own crystals that resonate with you. Enjoy.

confidential-client-case-history-and-intake-form-1 (pdf)


consent-form-Geisel (docx)


healing-1 (mp3)


IMG_20190123_221021_022 (JPG)


Contact Reiki Master Practitioner Diane

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have. I look forward to sharing the experience of Reiki with you. 

Please note:

Reiki is not meant to take the place of your regular Doctor(s) visits! Please use this modality along side and in conjunction with your regular 

Doctor(s) appointments. Thank You


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