Color Therapy


Color Meanings


Vision,   Create, Original, Clear sight, Good decision making, Perception,   Enlightenment, Self-Esteem, Intuition.



See   clearly & understand, Morality, Protection, Truth, Guidance, Thankfulness.



Use   to remove blockage of energy from other chakras, Trust, Acceptance, Recovery,   Patience, Forgiveness, Dealing with guilt, Respect, Thoughtfulness.



Control   of what we resist or embrace, New beginnings, Growth, Birth, Rebirth,   Progress, Renewal, Abundance, Good fortune.



Self-love,   Loving others



Enlightenment,   Optimism, Warmth, Clarity, Awareness.



Pleasure,   Joy, Family, Togetherness, Friendship, Overcome grief & sorrow.



Energy,   Passion, Love, Self-worth, Romance, Enthusiasm.

 Choosing the grid for your crystals is important too. The grids I work with are based on harmonic resonance of sacred geometry  and are energetic transmitters. 

More about color!

Color information you may not know

Color meanings are related to our 7 main chakras!

Color is expressed I'm our auras too!

How do colors make you feel?

Color & feelings

How do colors make you feel? Color affects our emotions, did you know that?

Auras & Color

Aura Color Examples & Meanings


Color auras- aura colors are seen in every energy layer and are connected to our true nature.

Types of Auras


In order of the photos:

    Porcupine, withdrawal, beside one's self, oral sucking, hook - mental grasp

    Tontacies, silent obvious brooding, verbal arrows,combination, hysteria, boundary containment, power-will display

The Seven Bodies of Man


1) Outside- The luminous cocoon of man

      Meeting point of outside to the assemblage point- located on the edge of the Spirit Body

2) The spirit body (neutral)

3) Spiritual Emotional body (linear masculine)

Spiritual Emotional body (flowing feminine)

4) The mental body obstructs the higher bodies messages from reaching the three lower bodies;

The mental body (linear, masculine)

The emotional body is connected to the energy flow from the higher bodies;

The emotional body (flowing feminine)

5) The etheric or Astral body (linear, masculine)

The etheric body holds most karma as constrictions in the energetic flow

6) The physical body (neutral)

7) Trillions of light fibers emanating from the life-force center

Aura Chart


There are both positive and negative attributes associated with each aura color.

More about Auras


As we have stated, the human aura is comprised of seven electromagnetic, entwined rings. A psychic's extra-sensory perception can reveal a full spectrum of colors in the light rings of the human aura.

The first ring discloses the client's state of health, the second relates to emotions and the third conveys intellectual capacity. The fourth ring signifies higher mind, such as intuition and imagination.  Spirit, or link between the person and the universe is revealed in the fifth ring.

Chances of your psychic seeing the remaining two auric fields, which relate to states of cosmic consciousness, range from slim to none.

The sixth ring is "earned" when our consciousness level evolves to the state of spiritual ecstasy.

The seventh auric level is attained when we can transcend our physical limitations and connect with higher energies. Its color is a blend of gold and silver light.

Clean & Clear Your Aura Video

Check out this great video instructions are clearly given on how to take care of our aura energy.