Intention & Sacred Geometry

Setting the intention is the most important step of putting together a crystal grid.  Your intention must be straight to the point, concise & measurable.

 Choosing the grid for your crystals is important too. The grids I work with are based on harmonic resonance of sacred geometry  and are energetic transmitters. 

Name & Function of Crystalline Structure

  Examples of name & function of crystalline structure:-

  • Hexagonal-  Explorer
  • Isometric- Amplifiers
  • Triclinic -Perimeter
  • Monoclinic- Protectors
  • Tetragonal- Charmers
  • Orthorhombic-Releasers

Balance of Steps

The next steps are to choose the stones needed to place on the grid: C=Center stone, S=Surrounding stones & G=Grounding stones. The next line item is to  see if the colors are chakra related and what colors are represented.  Next step is to connect with grid and then to activate the grid. The amount of time you decide to keep the grid up and active is up to you and your intuition based on results and timing. When the time comes, there is a particular way to dismantle this grid and one must Give Thanks to the divine for the work completed.

Building and rolling out a crystal Reiki grid is one of my most favorite project opportunities.....Just let me know if I can help you with your project!