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Crystal Wand


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Handmade Crystal Wands


           Gemstone               Chakra

 Color        Grouping

White          Howlite               Divine

Purple         Fluorite               Crown

Indigo          Sodalite             3rd Eye

Blue             Turquoise          Throat

Green          Adventurine      Heart

Yellow          Citrine              Solar Plexus

Orange        Carnelian           Sacral

Red               Garnet               Root  or Base

Black          Obsidian           Grounding

Gemstones are wrapped with recycled Copper

Do not wash to cleanse stones- Selenite  dissolves in water!!


Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands Uses

Crystal wands clear other   gemstones of low or negative energies.


Crystal wands activate Crystal   Reiki Grids. 

It transmits universal  life force energy at the intent of the Reiki practitioner.


Crystal wands can be used to   clear auras & clean chakras. 

The practitioner uses the wand like an   eraser to clean & heal. (A dedicated pendulum can be used for this too.)


Crystal wands can be used   during meditation:

·      Meditation is used to unify mind & body

·      Making an affirmation is important this can be done by:

o           Placing the wand on the 3rd eye

o           Point the wand at the 3rd eye

o          Hold the wand during the affirmation & meditation.


Crystal wands can transmute   negative energy. 

The practitioner simply holds the wand and makes the   intention this moves the negative energy away.


Programming a Crystal

Programming a Crystal (one way):



May   these crystals spread their energy according to all their healing properties   to heal me and my family on all levels and for our highest good. May they   absorb all impurities and transmute them to LIGHT!