Reiki characteristics

Definitions relating to Reiki Healing





They   are higher in the hierarchy than angels, (“Arch” means chief) and spirit   guides. They are not assigned to anyone in particular but are available to   those in need as long as they are called upon. They have to be called upon   before they can offer assistance as they would never interfere with our free   will. Archangels remain close to the earthly plane.


Aroma   Therapy

This   is a holistic treatment using natural plant extracts (leaf, stem, flower,   fruit or resin) to promote health & well being. This may also be referred   to as essential oil therapy.



This   is a powerful spiritual experience and is the most important part of being   able to progress in a Reiki practice for yourself as well as helping others.   The only way of receiving this important gift is a through Reiki Master.



A   field of ever changing energy represented by color that surrounds all living   things. It has levels that correspond with emotional, mental, spiritual and   physical levels of consciousness. Chakras also coincide with the aura levels.   





The   Reiki practitioner stands at a distance and sends healing energy in the   direction that it is needed. Reiki energy is intelligent energy and knows   where it is needed and automatically goes. It is always for the clients   greatest good.



A   blockage is an interruption that stops the flow of healing energy in a body.   Blockages can be broken up and burned up if they are released to a higher   level of consciousness. This can be done during a Reiki healing session. 





The   act of using deep breath pulling energy into the body from the solar plexus /   sacral chakras or center of the body.



Cho   Ku Rei, symbol taught to Level II Reiki practitioners. Known as “light switch”   or energy increase or power symbol. Put the power of the universe here.



The   supposed ability of perceiving as if by hearing that which is inaudible.



The   supposed ability to feel the past, present or future physical and emotional   states of others without the use of the normal five senses.



The   supposed ability to perceive events in the future or beyond sensing contact.



The   quality of an object with respect to how light energy is absorbed or   refracted. Human’s use rods & cones in their eyes to interpret color   therefore we all “see” color differently. For more information please see my   web page Color therapy.



Minerals   with gemological structures of angles, planes & faces. They are   incorporated into Crystal Reiki to raise vibration frequencies.


Crystal   Grid

Combination   of sacred geometric energy with crystal energy and the healing energy of   Reiki.


Crystal   Reiki

Energy   that is a combination of the universal life force and the grounding frequency   of Mother Earth.


Crystal   Wand

For   more information please see my web page Crystal Wands



There   are seven main “energy centers” or transformers of subtle energy in the human   body. They are:

  • Crown-associated   with the color purple;
  • Third   eye-associated with the color indigo;
  • Throat-associated   with the color blue;
  • Heart-associated   with the colors green & pink;
  • Solar   plexus-associated with the color yellow;
  • Sacral-associated   with the color orange;
  • Root   or base-associated with the color red. 





Dai   Ko Myo, Master symbol, can be used in place of any other symbol. Taught to   Master Reiki practitioners.

“The   great shining light”.


Distance   Reiki

Also   known as distance or remote healing. Reiki that will use HSZSN for the   client’s greatest good.





A   magical or medicinal potion.



Electromagnetic   Radiation waves or Electromagnetic Field that are carried through space in   waves, this includes:

Infrared,   radiation, x-rays, gamma, ultraviolet, microwaves and light waves.



A   fundamental concept in physics that is often defined as the capacity to do   mechanical work. It can change form but not be created or destroyed.


Essential   Oils

See   Aroma Therapy



Brought   to a higher level of existence by education and/or belief.





To   be thankful from the bottom of your heart.



In   Crystal Reiki, developing a plan begins with a grid comprised of sacred   geometry and then adding crystals. To use, it must be activated by a Crystal   Reiki Master. Each grid is set with a particular intention.


Grid   activation

In   Crystal Reiki, starts with setting up a grid of sacred geometry with   crystals. To use, a Crystal Reiki Master infuses it with Reiki energy and   must feel the energy move for a particular intention. 



The   act of pushing out energy from one’s center of the body or solar plexus /sacral   chakras & the feeling of connection to the ground or Mother earth.





Hon   Sha Ze Sho Nen, Symbol taught to Level II Reiki practitioners. No past,   present or future all time is concurrent. Transcending time & space.





Specific   information for an activity. It must be attainable, measurable & time   based.




Journey   Animals

They   appear when you have life changing decisions and will stay until they are   set.





Hinduism   refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base   of the spine. In Hindu tradition, Bhairavi is the goddess of Kundalini. Kundalini awakenings may happen through   a variety of methods. Many systems of yoga focus on awakening Kundalini   through: meditation; pranayama breathing; the practice of asana and chanting   of mantras




Life   Animals

They   guide, protect and show us our inner strength over the course of a life-time.


Life   Force

Light   energy or Ki


Life   Purpose

A   plan that is exactly right & based spiritually just and only for you.





Practice   that unifies the body with the mind.



Pathways   used by subtle energy throughout the body.





Typically,   a substance made from resin to protect from EMF radiation given off by   electronics. The device encapsulates organic and inorganic materials layer by   layer. Crystals   are usually added. A recent upgrade now consists of:

Wood,   fire, metal, earth & H2O that balances bioenergy also referred to as   prana, chi or ki





is   a device consisting of a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing   freely in response to the force of gravity



Relating   to or denoting facilities or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by   natural laws; especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. 





Is   a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes   healing. Pronounced Ray-Key, Rei- Spiritual Wisdom, 

Ki-Light   Energy.


Reiki   Guide

An   ascended being assigned to each Reiki practitioner to assist them in their   Reiki journey.



A   beaded placeholder used for prayer dedicated to the virgin Mary, mother of   Jesus.




Sacred   geometry

Symbols   from antiquity used to focus the universal life force especially on grids   during Crystal Reiki. These geometrical laws create everything in existence.



Sei   He Ki, Symbol taught to Level II Reiki practitioners. Mental & emotional   support


Shadow   Animals

They   may instill fear in us in order to test our strength. They help us fight our   inner fears until the fear dissolves.


Spirit   guides

Are   usually animal protectors, guides or companions that are assigned to one   human at a time. They are following instructions from God to keep humans   safe. They also provide messages to humans too. Each animal has their own   unique power. Reiki energy allows us to connect to them and understand their   message.





The   supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known   five senses. 



A   state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence.    To move beyond the here and now.





A   mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations (waves) occur about an equilibrium   point.



A   healing technique used by the Reiki practitioner to identify in the “minds   eye” what requires healing.